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TEHRAN.(Iranart) - Iranian singer Amir Asnaashari and Avay Abrisham performed on the second night of an online instrumental music concert.

Amir Asnaashari , Iranian singer, and Avay Abrisham played on the second night of the first online live stream concert of Iranian classical/ Radiff  music.

The concert started with “ Khater Nazok Be Barg Gol Nayazaram To Ra” and  then the group singer’s Amir Asnaashari performed “ Halam Ra Kharab Kardeh”.

They perform the pieces “Az soat Motreb Bazma Eishm Por Sedast”, “Kham Abro and Mozhgant Mara Kosht” and “ Goftam Gham To Daram.

The first online concert of instrumental music will be broadcast free of charge every night from 16 to 20 August at 21:30 on Tiwa Interactive TV.


Avay Abrisham
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