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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Vocalist Mohammad Motamedi has released his new album “Lover Tehran” for free to celebrate the Iranian tradition of Yalda Night, which will fall on December 20 this year.

The album has been composed by Mohammadreza Chraghali with songs by Sajjad Azizi-Aram and was recorded with the support of the Tehran Municipality.

Earlier in December 2019, Motamedi released a single named “Yalda” with a song by Bahman Mohammadzadeh to observe Yalda Night, the last evening of autumn and the beginning of winter, which is celebrated by Iranians wherever they live.

Nationally called “Shab-e Yalda” or “Shab-e-Chelleh”, it literally means the night of the forty. This refers to the first forty days of winter that are often the coldest and toughest to bear.

The story of Yalda may perhaps be interpreted as a tale of courage and effort during darkness, a triumph of light and human warmth that ultimately causes the spring to bloom in our hearts.

People on Yalda Night are usually served with fresh fruits and a mixture of dry fruits, seeds and nuts in floral bowls.

Following a hot dinner, many people often recite poetry, narrate stories, chant, play musical instruments or just chat cozily until midnight or so.

Iranian cultural and religious traditions have always been observed by Motamedi.

In April, he released songs from his album “Monajat” (“Prayers”) on his Instagram page every day with the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

He chose the verses by the Persian poet Sadi and the prayers are named “Praise Be to God” for the program. He performed the song based on monajatkhani (prayer reciting), a style of recitation that has long been practiced during Ramadan and has turned into a major ritual in the holy month.

Motamedi has also collaborated with maestro Ali Rahbari in the project “My Mother Persia”, which has been recorded by the Antalya State Symphony live in a concert.

source: Tehran Times

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