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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Member of the Technical Council of the Iran National Instruments Orchestra Ali-Akbar Qorbani said that the ensemble will be giving an online concert with vocalists Vahid Taj and Rashid Vatandoost, probably in late January.

“In this concert, part of the repertoire will be accompanied without lyrics, while the second part will be dedicated to Iranian songs to be performed by Taj, and  Azerbaijani songs to be performed by Vatandoost,” Qorbani said.

“We still don’t know how we are going to offer the concert to the audience. The concert will be for free and we have plans to repeat the concert if it is warmly welcomed,” he added.

He also added that during the pandemic he has published a book, which contains a selection of his personal compositions and two older ones by other musicians that he has arranged anew.

Asked his opinion about online teaching classes of music, Qorbani said that he believes online teaching has its own difficulties. 

“Keeping face to face with students is much easier and has better quality, however, online instruction has provided better opportunities for students who live far away and find it difficult to attend classes. Those [students]can make better use of the online classes.”
Earlier in May during the pandemic, the Iran National Instruments Orchestra in collaboration with the Azerbaijani tar virtuoso Ramiz Guliyev released the music video, “Lullaby”.

The idea came from the orchestra and Guliyev warmly welcomed it, saying that listening to music in these difficult days of quarantine even for a short period of time can help relieve stress and encourage people.

The orchestra proposed several compositions and Guliyev proposed “Lullaby” by Azerbaijan’s most distinguished composer, Vasif Adigozelov.

Members of the orchestra and Guliyev recorded their performances for the video separately under the supervision of Qorbani.

The members of the orchestra were Alireza Daryai, Kurosh Danai, Shahin Safai, Maryam Khodabakhsh, Masud Firuznejad, Forugh Fazli and Amin Heidari.

source: Tehran Times

Vahid Taj Rashid Vatandoost
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