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TEHRAN – (Iranart)-God, we have rotted in your waste world, we wanted but not any days like these we see

Bijan Samandar, the only Iranian poet who, according to some sources, had three doctorates: Literature from Tehran, Middle East Architecture and Law from Washington, DC has a deadly song called "Song of Life" which will remain in the memory of Iranians with the eternal voice of Lady Hayedeh:

God, we have rotted in your waste world

we wanted but

not any days like these we see

This heart breaking song was born in 1982, but it seems that these days it has become the voice of Iranian people more than ever; at a time when the painful images of Mehrdad Minavand's funeral were being shared on virtual networks, suddenly this song became a common song of internet mourners on Instagram. Maybe the film of Mehrdad Minavand singing this song or maybe the coincidence with the 31st anniversary of this lady artist's death caused such song be performed again, but whatever it is, it is an important point that a work of art reflects a social pain and demand. Most of the comments and even the headlines on the videos of this song indicate the growing demand of people to buy the corona vaccine, and it is interesting that with the deterioration of Ali Ansarian, former football player and actor in recent years, this video once again became the general demand for vaccines. In the days when the corona separates Iranians and the world from the tree of life like autumn leaves, and neighbouring countries such as Turkey and the UAE have begun vaccinations, singing this painful and very sad song is a collective pain but also a decision for the decision makers. Maybe it makes the speed of action.

God, we have rotted in your waste world

we wanted

not any days like these we see

its coquetry, its calamity, regret of heart and the torment of the world

we pulled everything we had to do one by one

Life is said to be for the living. But God

we ran enough to pursue life

Woe to us, Woe to us

we did not know the moment of flight

when we wanted to kiss the lips of our beloved. We flew

Life is a bitter story from the beginning

enough for me, I have eyes on the end

We blinked and the world passed

Successively passed days one after another

the heart says rebuild tomorrow

O careless heart…

tomorrow passed us by.


Translated by

Abtin Javid

Hossein Hashempoor
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