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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- The Iranian Theater Forum honored eight veteran artists for their lifetime achievements during the closing ceremony of the Iran Theater Week at the Milad Tower on Sunday.

Stage directors Ruhollah Jafari and Bahram Beizai, actors Ali Nasirian, Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Jaleh Olov and Iraj Raad, novelist Mahmud Dowlatabadi and graphic designer Qobad Shiva were the figures who were recognized with awards.

Accepting his award, Nasirian praised the forum for honoring the veterans.

In her brief remarks, Olov also expressed thanks to the people who have always shown kindness and respect to her.

“I am too old to go on stage now, but I still can work in cinema, radio and be active as a voice actor as well,” she said.

Raad who was surprised to receive his award said that all these years he has made his best efforts to serve the family of Iranian theater.

source: Tehran Times

Veteran Iranian artists
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