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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s Creditors and Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen’s When the Doves Disappeared are currently on stage at Tehran theaters.

Davud Zahedi is the director of Strindberg’s 1889 play, which is being performed at the Neauphle-le-Château Theater.

The three-character play is about a young painter, Adolph, who is approached by an admirer, Gustav, who eases him into making sense of his relationship with his older wife Tekla. 

When Adolph and Tekla’s relationship gets worse, it becomes apparent that the new friend, Gustav, has some ulterior motives as he is Telka’s ex-husband. 

Amin Raqibdoost, Mohammadreza Helalzadeh and Shaqayeq Sahrai are the members of the cast for the play, which will be on stage until May 21.

Hasti Hosseini is the director of When the Doves Disappeared, which went on stage at the Tehran Independent Theater on Thursday. 

The play is about Roland, a freedom fighter, and his slippery cousin, Edgar, who are fleeing from the Red Army in Communist-ruled, war-ravaged Estonia in 1941. 

When the Germans arrive, Roland goes into hiding, but Edgar takes on a new identity as a loyal supporter of the Nazi regime.

Mehdi Pakdel, Khatereh Hatami, Abbas Khodaqolizadeh and Shahruz Delafkar are the members of the cast for the play, which will remain on stage until May 21.

Source:Tehran Times


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