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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- The Tbilisi History Museum in the Georgian capital will be playing host to an exhibition of photos of Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex on Tuesday.

The exhibition entitled “Niavaran Palace Complex” displays photos from Iranian photographer Saeid Fallahfar’s series “The Palace” that contains photos of the royal palaces in Tehran.

“In Persian culture, palaces reflect history. They are unique examples of art and architecture, and show the political and social aspects of each government,” Fallahfar said in a statement for the exhibition, which was published on Saturday. 

“The palaces built by the Achaemenids and the Qajar and Pahlavi kings all reflect the political, social and cultural tendencies of Iranians throughout history,” he added.

“Persepolis in Fars, Sadabad and Golestan in Tehran, or even the modern Bastihills resort in Lavasan, a resort town about 40 kilometers northeast of Tehran, all introduce part of Iran’s art and cultural heritage, indeed,” he remarked. 

The exhibit has been organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Iran in Georgia and will be running until October 11. 

source: Tehran Times

The Tbilisi History Museum
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