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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- The Yemen Resistance Cartoon Exhibition opened at the Osveh Art and Cultural Center in Tehran on Tuesday to represent Yemenis resistant against the atrocities perpetrated by the Saudis in their war.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the director of the exhibition Masud Shojaei-Tabatabai said that the Yemenis are suffering from the repercussions of the Saudi-led war on Yemen, while the world media has remained silent.

“We organized this exhibit in a short time, because the Western media has remained silent against the Saudis’ violence. We actuality wanted the world to hear the voice of the oppressed people of Yemen,” he noted. 

He added that the Yemeni forces’ attack on the Saudi oil installation indicates that the word resistance has great power.

About 40 cartoons by a number of Iranian artists, including Mohammad–Hossein Nirumand, Nasser Moqaddam, Maziar Bijani and Sarallah Jafari, and Jitet Kustana from Indonesia are on view at the exhibition. 

The exhibit has been organized by the Revayat Cultural Foundation and will be running until October 22 at the Osveh Art and Cultural Center located at No. 453, South Bahar St. off Enqelab Ave.

source: Tehran Times

The Yemen Resistance Cartoon Exhibition
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