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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – Works by Iranian artist Mostafa Sarabi are on view in a group exhibition “What Fruit It Bears” underway at the Peres Projects gallery in Berlin.

Works by Mostafa Sarabi are currently on view in a group exhibition at Peres Projects Gallery in Berlin. The exhibit entitled “What fruit it bears” will run until January 15, 2021.

Works by artists, including Xinyi Cheng, Dalton Gata, Nicholas Grafia, Hugh Hayden, Stanislava Kovalcikova, Emily Ludwig Shaffer and David Rappeneau, are also on view at the exhibition. 

Mostafa Sarabi often paints his family, depicting himself surrounded by his wife and child. He paints either that which he belongs to or that which belongs to him. In these paintings, he does not attempt to recreate a picture or a scene; instead, he creates his own world. He expresses how memory, history, and family are integral elements of Iranian life.

Mostafa Sarabi was born in 1983 in Iran; he lives and works in Tehran. Sarabi studied painting at Sahed University in Tehran. He has presented solo exhibitions in Paris at Balice Hertling (2019), in Tehran at the Delgosha Gallery (2018 and 2017), and the Atashzad Gallery (2009). His work has recently been included in group shows at Giardino Segreto in Milan (2019), in Tehran at Delgosha Gallery (2019 and 2018), the Shirin Gallery (2011), and the 5th Visual Art Experimental festival youth art (2010).

Mostafa Sarabi Peres Projects gallery
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