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TEHRAN.(Iranart) -An exhibition of paintings by Ali Sadeghi is currently underway at O Gallery. The exhibit will continue until June 18.

In this collection, through combining figurative and abstract forms in a time-consuming process, Ali Sadeghi portrays the traumatic aspects of human perplexity in the surrounding world.

In these paintings, some of the forms twisted in the context of the work go to the point of abstraction but escape from it once more; it is as if, where the elements are to be loomed in definite forms, the artist again shatters them with strokes, lines, and layers of color, distorting their total certainty.

The turbulent atmosphere of the works indicates a great absence; the figures are present between the dashed lines, sometimes with unstable awe and at times heavy and motionless, they reveal an aspect of existence without acknowledging their presence.  It is as if they had once sunk into the veil and become invisible.

O Gallery Ali Sadeghi
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