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Tehran. (Iranart)-Iranian design work, Orsi Khaneh Residential Apartment, winner of the coveted A’ Design Award in 2016, will be exhibited at Triennale Design Museum in Como, Italy, from October 15 to November 15.

The display would be part of a prestigious international good design exhibition, co-founder and CEO of Keivani Architects, Nima Keivani, told Iran Daily on Wednesday.

What adds to the credibility of this competition compared to other international design competitions is its evaluation process. The artworks are judged in several stages with the participation of more than 170 experts from all over the world, including academics, engineers and celebrities in various fields, winners of previous awards and managers of world-renowned brands.

“The main feature of the Orsi Khaneh building, as its name suggests, is a novel idea to modernize a traditional architectural element (Orsi window). In other words, this project can be considered a new look at the applied attitude to Iranian architecture,” Keivani was quoted saying last year.  

In the design of this building, special attention was paid to the architecture of traditional Iranian houses, especially houses in Kashan, and spatial geometry and the role of plants, water, light, framing and transparency in Iranian architecture, he added.

Source: Iran Daily

Triennale Design Museum in Como Nima Keivani
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