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TEHRAN.(Iranart)- There's always news about Kardashians and the Jenners. But the famous American rapper Kanye West has always dragged all the attentions to himself.

Hasti Amiri: His lyrics, the way he acts in music awards, recently his interest towards the Jesus which he even published an entire album about it in 2019 called "Jesus Is King" that was his 9th studio album and of course no one can forget about the time he tried to become the president! 

This time his divorce from Kim Kardashian is on the news. Seems like Kanye likes to keep the media's eyes on himself.

Kanye or Kim and no one else who is close to them no one talked about their divorce, maybe by this silence they want people to focus on them more and make people more interested in their next move.

When the music fans especially the fans of hip-hop or rap music are making a playlist to listen to they try to have Kanye's name on the list. Whether if he's singing about his fame and wealth whether if he's singing about his new beliefs and Lord.

Kanye West's variety and style is something people show interest in. Now with all of these dramas about his divorce from the famous American family especially his wife, people assume that'll be his next subject for his next studio album. This drama is new but everyone has their own theory about it but people's excitement isn't something to be ignored.

The thing that caught my eyes is how people react to a break-up album when it's written by a man, and how they react when it's written by a woman. So many male artists write and sing about their emotions, like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and so many other male artists and the words that people describe them is "brave", "honest", "strong", "real man", and other compliments like this. Also the desire they show towards those songs to be published. But what about female artists? Totally the opposite!

When a female writes about her emotions and what happened to her people feel threatened. Words to describe here isn't brave, strong nor honest. She's loud, dramatic, she's overemotional. She would be asked to calm down and deal with her emotions alone and told that not the entire world needs to know about it. 

کانیه وست و کیم کارداشیان

Authors, written words, and creativity is something that scares some. Maybe because the person who wrote it didn't say nice things about them or maybe they're afraid that they need to see things in new ways. It's not obvious. But the difference social puts between a male and a female artist is obvious.

For example, show lyrics to someone. Without telling them who the writer is. Ask their opinion. After hearing their opinion tell them the person who wrote that an emotional song is a man. They would be surprised but not have any negative things to say. Now tell them the writer is a woman. Would they show the same reaction?  Obviously not! They would think that lyrics are over-shared. Just because the writer is a woman. 

Life would not stay this way. Someday parents would teach their kids that as much as a man can be strong a woman can be strong too or even more! Showing and exploring emotions is a need that human has without considering their gender. In my opinion, there is no such a thing as "over-emotional". That would be in politics. In politics, you need to control your feelings, not art. In the music world, the more emotion you have, the better the results would be. This is the power of music.

Now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's feelings are hurt by this news, Miss Kim Kardashian hired a professional lawyer Laura Wasser which has a great history in Hollywood divorces to help her through this million-dollar divorce. Right now we should wait to see what would priest Kanye West do?

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