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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- Iranian movies “The Rain Falls Where It Will” and “Daily Massacre in Tehran” will be competing in the Durban International Film Festival, which will take place in the South African city from July 22 to August 1.

Directed by Majid Barzegar, “The Rain Falls Where It Will” will be screened in the feature film competition.

In this film, Sara works as an experienced and respected nurse in one of the busiest hospitals in Tehran, where she quietly takes away the lives of her patients who have lost all hope in recovery. All seems to go well for her, until she is asked to take care of a private patient in his villa by the sea.

“Daily Massacre in Tehran” directed by Hessam Hamidi has been selected for the short film competition.

This film is about Fuad, a 12-year-old boy who has come to the capital city from one of the surrounding cities to support his mother’s living expenses in addition to those associated with her illness. 

He is willing and ready to take on any paying job and engage in any business, including slaughtering roosters, sifting through garbage and carrying loads. He encounters problems and difficulties when engaging in each job. “Daily Massacre in Tehran” portrays pieces and layers from the life and problems of a young, small town boy in the capital city.

The Durban International Film Festival is one of five festivals presented by the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of Kwazulu-Natal. The other festivals are the Time of the Writer festival, the JOMBA! Dance festival, the Poetry Africa, and Artfluence Human Rights festivals.

The Centre for Creative Arts, located in the School of the Arts at the University, is a multi-disciplinary hub that values the power and agency vested in the arts to contribute to social change. 

Aligned to the university’s academic agenda, the festivals also play a vital role in knowledge generation through teaching, learning and research. The festivals are also the university’s interface with its diverse public.

The Durban festival fulfills a facilitative function as a promoter of the film industry, creating networking and cultural exchange platforms. 

It was initiated as a safe space for intellectual and creative dialogue to start conversations that spark innovation and question the world we live in and the lenses through which history is portrayed during a time of conflict and extreme racial tensions. It continues to do so, tackling contemporary challenges through various initiatives and industry engagements.

source: Tehran Times

The Rain Falls Where It Will Daily Massacre in Tehran Durban International Film Festival
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