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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Iranian short movies “Take a Nap”, “The Land of Ants” and “The Kids” will be screened at the Fresco International Film Festival, which will take place in the Armenian capital of Yerevan from August 20 to 29.

Directed by Mina Qaseminia, the animated movie “Take a Nap” is about a boy under the tree blinking while looking upward. 

The camera traces the boy’s sight. A baby bird falls down from a tree and hits the ground. The camera passes by the grass and shows a playing field, in which some boys are playing football. The last shoot concludes with a ball that morphs into a bomb and then an explosion. The camera tracks back to the first position. A victim of war, the boy sits silently and motionless in a wheelchair.

“The Land of Ants” tells the story of people living hopefully with the mines left from the war, however, they are involved unintentionally in an accident. Isa Babai is the director of the movie.

“The Kids” directed by Amir Daryani is about Sina and Mobina, a brother and sister, who appear in a family court to separate due to a hostile environment in their domestic life. This is the first time a brother and sister decide to break up legally.     

The Fresco festival is an annual event, which is a great opportunity for the reassessment of spiritual and cultural heritage, for cultural dialogue with people of other countries and for self-knowledge and raising the national consciousness in this context, the organizers have said.

The festival also places special importance on the employment of special social groups and especially individuals with limited abilities. 

Due to the cooperation with institutions specializing in the field of individuals with disabilities, not only do such persons participate in all aspects of the festival, but also are actively involved in all the organizational activities of the Fresco festival.

source: Tehran Times

Take a Nap The Land of Ants The Kids Fresco International Film Festival
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