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Chatrang Publications in Tehran has recently released Persian versions of books by three foreign writers.

Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo’s “Midnight Sun: Blood on Snow2” has been translated into Persian by Nima Ashrafi.

The 2015 book follows Olav Johansen, a fixer for Oslo crime boss Daniel Hoffman. Johansen has found the woman of his dreams but the problem is his boss has hired him to kill her.

American author Gillian Flynn’s debut novel “Sharp Objects” has been rendered into Persian by Mehdi Fayyazikia.

The book is about Camille Preaker, a young journalist who is spending time in a psychiatric hospital near Chicago after years of self-inflicted harm.

“Spies” by English writer and dramatist Michael Frayn, which is a psychological novel published in 2002, has been translated into Persian by Kayhan Bahmani.

The book is about an elderly man, Stephen Wheatley, who talks about his life during the Second World War as he wanders around in now modernized London.



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