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Belgian writer Georges Simenon’s 1969 detective novel “Maigret and the Killer” has been published in Persian.

Iranart: Featuring his character Jules Maigret, the book has been rendered into Persian by Abbas Agahi for Jahan-e Ketab Publications. 

Two English translations by Shaun Whiteside and Lyn Moir are also available.

“Maigret and the Killer” is from Simenon’s Maigret Mystery Series.

When a dinner between Inspector Maigret and friends ends abruptly at the discovery of a body, the detective must plumb the darker side of human nature to discover what motivates a killer.

Maigret and wife have always enjoyed their occasional dinners with Mr. and Mrs. Pardon on the Boulevard Voltaire. But one of the congenial meals is interrupted by a neighbor who has stumbled across the body of a young man in the nearby Rue Popincourt. 

Maigret answers the call with his friend Dr. Pardon, and their pleasant evening is quickly brought to an end by the commencement of a complicated murder case. And when a tape recorder is discovered on the victim’s body, it only complicates matters.

Maigret’s investigation leads to the discovery of another crime altogether and the fascinating story of the murdered man’s life. 

“Maigret and the Killer” is a taut, engrossing mystery that shows off Georges Simenon’s flair for creating complex characters with deeply human problems and his ability to make a senseless crime understandable.

source: Tehran Times

Maigret and the Killer Georges Simenon
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