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36th Fajr Music Festival announces winners

36th Fajr Music Festival announces winners

TEHRAN –(Iranart)- The 36th Fajr Music Festival wrapped up by honoring winners in various categories at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Monday evening.

The Fajr Music Festival hosted a total of 42 performances and over 1890 minutes of recording in Roudaki Hall, with the participation of 464 local and 11 international artists.

The names of the winners for the 36th  Fajr Music Festival  are as follows:

Taraneh(Song) Prize

The winners of the Taraneh (song) award section are as follows: Ahura Iman, Alireza Badie, Zaman Noorani (absent) and Kamran Rasoulzadeh.

Medis Prize

The winners of the Music and Media Awards were announced in various categories including news agencies, newspapers and radio programs.

Barbad Prize

Candidates for the competitive part of the festival being introduced in the fields below mentioned; Composing classical music, performing regional music, singing regional music, performing non-verbal instrumental music, composing oral instrumental music, singing instrumental music, composing and performing non-verbal pop and fusion sections, composing pop and fusion section, pop and fusion section singing, composing and Performing the non-verbal contemporary and orchestral, composing the contemporary and orchestral verbal parts, singing the contemporary and orchestral and the best publisher.

The jury of "Barbad Award" of this period has examined and evaluated the musical productions in the period of September 2017-2020.

Barbad Prize Winners

Composing Classical Music: Kaveh Mirhosseini For the album “Illumination”

Diploma of Honor: Mehran Badakhshan For the album “Sketches”

Performing Regional Music: Hamzeh Moghadam For the album “Hamzeh Sia”

Diploma of Honor: Mohammad Salmabadi For the album “Avay Sahra”

Singing Regional Music: Abolhasan Khoshrou For the album “Taleba and Epic music of Mazandaran”

Diploma of Honor: Nur Mohammad Dorpour For the album “Dordane”

Performing Non-Verbal Instrumental Music: Hooshmand Ebadi For the album “Fifer”

Diploma of Honor: Bahare Fayyazi For the album “Afra”

Composing Oral Instrumental Music: Bahman Faryaders For the album “ Fly and Song”

Diploma of Honor:Siamak Jahangiri For the album “That very Nay I Am”

Singing Instrumental Music: Mojtaba Asgari For the album " Ashiran"

Diploma of Honor: Mehdi Emami For the album " That very Nay I Am"

The Best Publisher: Mohammad Mossavi_ Mahoor Publisher

Diploma of Honor: Ali Samadpour_ Kherad Art House Publisher

Composing and Performing the Non-Verbal Contemporary and Orchestral: Reza Vali For the album " Sorena"

Diploma of Honor: Pouya Babaali For the album " Dor Dastha"

Composing the contemporary and Orchestral Verbal Parts: Amir Pourkhalaji For the album " Who is love"

Diploma of Honor: Sivash Valipour  For the album " The Wandering Man's chant"

Singing the Contemporary and Orchestral: Vahid Taj For the album "Az Bargha"

Diploma of Honor: Pouria Akhavass for the album "The Wandering Man's chant"

Composing Pop and Fusion Section: Damahi For the album "Dar Man Bro Shekar"

Diploma of Honor: Pouya Kolahi For the album "Tavoose Par Basteh"

Jury’s token of appreciation from Bomrani Group for the albume "Thirteen Forty"

Pop and Fusion Section Singing: Pouya Kolahi For the album "Tavoose Par Basteh"

Diploma of Honor: Reza Koleghani For the album "Dar Man Bro Shekar"

Fajr Music Festival honored  Veteran musicians

Couple short documentaries in honour of Mohammad Reza Ishaqi Gorji, singer and musician of Georgian Dotar, the late composer Ahmad Ali Ragheb, Malihe Saeedi musician, and Hassan Nahid, Ney (reed) player, was shown to the audience.

The performances of this Fajr Music Festival were broadcast virtually according to the decision of the festival headquarters and due to the conditions of coronary disease and the restrictions on the presence of the audience in the music halls and to accompany the approvals of the National Corona headquarters. 


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