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National Bank of Fujairah,NBF, and 13 Winners Artists in Firetti Contemporary

National Bank of Fujairah,NBF, and 13 Winners Artists in Firetti Contemporary

the National Bank of Fujairah,NBF, holds Art Prize with the aim of supporting artists and better life in the shadow of art . Khalil Abdulwahid

Iranart  : the National Bank of Fujairah,NBF, presences a lot in the field of art and social activities such other Macroeconomic cartels . NBF honored 3rd Annual Art Prize winners in Firetti contemporary .

National Bank of Fujairah is one of the most well-respected corporate banks in the UAE and is renowned for its award-winning services. NBF offers a wide range of banking and financial services, while maintaining a strong commitment to social responsibility and current global issues. This philosophy inspired the NBF Art Prize, which celebrates the nation’s emerging art scene while also serving as a platform to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and instill a sense of responsibility within our society.

This nationwide initiative invites artists to share their artistic expression and unique perspective in the form of artwork in response to a compelling theme or topic. NBF believes that art has the power to inspire significant changes in the world.

NBF wrote in their website:

Art as a medium for change

This competition forms part of our commitment to ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) principles, by empowering the nation’s emerging art scene. NBF believes in the transformative power of art and its ability to start conversations and inspire change. Through this initiative, we aim to nurture the UAE’s creative industry and inspire collective action towards a better future.

By promoting the nation's emerging art scene, we are demonstrating our commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values. NBF believes in the transformational power of art, as well as its potential to spark dialogue and promote change. We hope to nurture the UAE's creative industry and encourage collaborative action toward a brighter future through this effort.

3rd Annual Art Prize nbf

the National Bank of Fujairah,NBF, released a statement in the end of their 3rd Annual Art Prize

بانک ملی فجیره National Bank of Fujairah ، nbfuae

National Bank of Fujairah proudly presented its 3rd Annual Art Prize, featuring exceptional artworks from talented UAE-based artists at the Firetti Contemporary emphasizing sustainability. Congratulations to all the deserving winners!

1st Winner: Narges Soleimanzadeh @soleimanzadehnarges

2nd Winner: Martin Holtz Javier @holtzcreation

3rd Winner: Salim Alkaabi @salim.kaabi

Highly commended artists:

Mohammad Alkhoory @mjalkhoory

Shahid Altaf Awan @shahid_a_malik

Natalya Konforti @glitchesandstitches

Amer Alsaffar @ameralsaffar

Caty Cordahi @catycordahi

Melika Shahin @melzarts

Mohamed Elkattan @kattan_atelier

Mahmood Al Daoud

Anja Bamberg @anjabamberg

Helen Abbas @helen_abbas

We extend our gratitude to all participants and a special thanks to our esteemed judges:

Ahmad Al Rashid - Curator/Founder TALK CREATIVE SPACE @talkative_with_ahmad

Patricia Millns FRSA - Artist, Advisor Creative Industries @patriciamillns

Khalil Abdulwahid - Director, Visual Arts, Dubai Culture @khalilawahid

Aisha Alabbar - Photographer & Gallery owner @aishahalabbar

National Bank of Fujairah NBF NBFUEA Khalil Abdulwahid
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