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Etihad Art Gallery Abu Dhabi | Tamara Alenbary

Etihad Art Gallery Abu Dhabi and November Gardens

Etihad Art Gallery Abu Dhabi and November Gardens

Etihad Modern Art Gallery Abu Dhabi will hold the group exhibition "November Gardens".

Iranart : Etihad Modern Art Gallery opens a group exhibition on November 9 in Abu Dhabi.

The "November Gardens" is a group exhibition held by Etihad Gallery for a group of Emirati, Arab and international artists in order to establish an effective artistic dialogue that opens the horizons of beauty to everyone.

The exhibition includes works by pioneers and contemporaries artists it includes artworks more than half a century old.

The exhibition will include various works by artists from among them: Fatima Lootah, Abdul Rahim Salem, Abdul Qader Al-Rayes, Ismail Fattah Al-Turk, Rafi Al-Nasri, Diaa Al-Azzawi, Nabil Ali, Ibrahim Hamed, Mustafa Rabie, Lama Al-Rammo, Madan Lal, Karen Roche, Aisha Kamal And Etc.

Tamara Alenbary, the manager of Etihad Modern Art Gallery, says about this exhibition:" I cordially invite you to attend the opening of the "November Gardens" exhibition on Thursday, November 9th. The exhibition will include a large group of different artist from different countries and fiverse cultures to crate artistic and creative dialouge in the citiy of culture and beauty, Abu Dhabi. We are waiting for you with affection."

The exhibition opens at Villa 15, Al Huwelat Street, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, UAE on Thursday, November 9 at 6 pm.

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About Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi

On the Etihad Modern Art Gallery website, it is written about this gallery: "Etihad Modern Art Gallery is a vibrant oasis of contemporary art nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our gallery showcases the rich tapestry of artistic expression, bringing together local and international talent to demonstrate the power of visual storytelling.

As one of the first private art galleries in Abu Dhabi, we strive to serve as a bridge between creative expression and art enthusiasts. We offer a platform to encourage artists to explore new horizons of artistic creativity while we aspire to create an environment that sparks dialogue and invites people to immerse themselves in the world of modern art.

We are committed to promoting cultural diversity and providing a space where art enthusiasts and collectors can connect with the ever-evolving art scene in Abu Dhabi."

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