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Art Abu Dhabi 2023 | Dyala Nusseibeh

Art Abu Dhabi 2023 and interesting facts

Art Abu Dhabi 2023 and interesting facts

Countdown to start of Art Abu Dhabi 2023; List of galleries, dates and everything

IranArt : Abu Dhabi Art Fair’s 15th edition will take place from 22 to 26 November 2023, in Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi. The 15th edition of Abu Dhabi Art brings together 90 galleries from 31 countries, Including for the first time galleries from Georgia, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and Chile.

This year’s edition spotlights diverse geographies alongside curated exhibitions and commissions, positioning itself as a place of discovery for global art histories. The fair remains committed to welcoming diverse curatorial perspectives, embedding itself in the community, and paying an integral part in the art ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Dyala Nusseibeh, Director of Abu Dhabi Art, said: “This year’s Abu Dhabi Art represents a significant moment in the fair’s history due to its sheer size, with double the number of galleries participating since its early days. We are delighted to be able to attract such a diverse range of artists and galleries from around the world, in part thanks to the important contribution and research of our global gallery repre-sentatives. The presence of so many new galleries at the fair signifies how dynamic the local and regional art market has become over the last 15 years. By working closely with curators, gallery representatives, galleries and artists, we are also ensuring that our gallery presentations offer unparalleled access to art histories and research, ensuring visitors have the opportunity to better understand these wide-ranging global positions.

Art Abu Dhabi 2023 | Dyala Nusseibeh

Rossi & Rossi (Hong Kong)

SC Gallery (Hong Kong)

Squarestreet (Hong Kong)


Focus: Latin America

Casa Zirio (Colombia)


Galeria KArla Osorio (Brazil)

Galeria La Cometa (Colombia)

Pablo Goebel Fine Arts (Mexico)

Praxis (Argentina)

Focus: Women Artists

110 Veronique Rieffel (France)

Agial Art Gallery (Lebanon)

Aninat Galeria (Chile)

Galerie Krinzinger (Austria)

GVCC (Morocco)

Selma Feriani Gallery (Tunisia)


Wadi Finan Art Gallery (Jordan)

Focus: Sustainability

Addis Fine Art (United Kingdom)

ADN Galeria (Spain)

AGorgi Gallery (Tunisia)

Anna Laudel (Germany)

Kó (Nigeria)


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art (Egypt)

Mazzoleni (Italy)

THK Gallery (South Africa)

Art Abu Dhabi 2023 | Dyala Nusseibeh

Modern & Contemporary

Ab-Anbar Gallery (United Kingdom)

Aria Gallery (Iran)

ARTSIDE Gallery (South Korea)

Barakat Contemporary (South Korea)

BARO Galeria (Spain)

Bernier/Eliades (Greece)

Canvas Gallery (Pakistan)




Dastan Gallery (Iran | Canada)

Elmarsa (UAE)

Etihad Modern Art Gallery (UAE)

Galerie Isa (India)


Gallery One (Palestine)

Gary Tatintsian Gallery (United States of America)

Grosvenor Gallery (United Kingdom)

Hafez Gallery (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Hakgojae Gallery (South Korea)

Keumsan Gallery (South Korea)

LEE & BAE (South Korea)

Leehwaik Gallery (South Korea)

Leila Heller Gallery (UAE)

Leo Gallery (Hong Kong)

Pablo Goebel Fine Arts (Mexico)

Perrotin (France)

Rossi & Rossi (Hong Kong)

Sabrina Amrani (Spain)

Saleh Barakat Gallery (Lebanon)

Salwa Zeidan Gallery (UAE)

SARAI Gallery (Iran)

Selma Feriani Gallery (Tunisia)



Zawyeh Gallery (UAE)

Special Projects

1X1 Art Gallery (UAE)

ABC-ARTE (Italy)

Aicon Contemporary (United States of America)

Aisha Alabbar Gallery (UAE)

Artbooth Gallery (UAE)

Baia Gallery (Georgia)


Chardin Gallery (Georgia)


Cuturi Gallery (Singapore)

Daniel Crouch Rare Books (UK)

Errm Art Gallery (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Firetti Contemporary (UAE)

Galerie in Situ - fabienne leclerc, Grand Paris (France)

Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde (UAE)

Gallery Misr (Egypt)

Green Art Gallery (UAE)

Lawrie Shabibi (UAE)

Lilia bin salah (France)

Meem Gallery (UAE)

Musk & Amber Gallery (Tunisia)

October Gallery (UK)

P420 (Italy)

Pi Artworks (Turkey)

Ronchini (UK)

Sean Kelly (United States of America)

The Third Line (UAE)

The Window Project (Georgia)

THK Gallery (South Africa)

Why Not Gallery (Georgia)CUSTOT 


ATHR (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde (UAE)

Galerie La La Lande (France)

Other interesting events of Art Abu Dhabi

مراد منتظمی آرت ابوظبی ۲۰۲۳

Abu Dhabi Art has just revealed more details around the exhibitions and site-specific works commissioned for the showcase – and we’re in for a treat.

Three artists have been appointed for the Beyond Emerging Artists (BEA) programme: Almaha Jaralla, Samo Shalaby and Latifa Saeed.

Each are currently working on new commissions to be revealed in an exhibition curated by Morad Montazami.


The annual exhibition Gateway, which highlights local and international artists, will be a survey show for Emirati painter Hashel Al Lamki.

Entitled Maqam, after the Al Ain residential neighbourhood where Al Lamki grew up, the exhibition will take you through both his past and current works while examining the interplay between natural landscapes and human intervention.

Dr. Venetia Porter is the curator of this exhibition.

Abu Dhabi Art has also just unveiled this year’s commissioned artists, who will be displaying their work at cultural sites during the fair and for two months after.

Nujoom Al Ghanem and Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim

This year, Nujoom Al Ghanem and Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim will have their works on display at Al Jahili Fort and Al Ain Oasis.

Renowned Emirati poet, artist, and multi-award-winning film director, Al Ghanem, commented, “I’m truly honoured to take part in this edition of the fair and I’m looking forward to sharing with its audience the work I’ve been creating since 2020. I spent a lifetime working in solitude under shades of colours and materials without knowing where my work would end up. Without realising it, art has become my magnificent companion and refuge. It has given me another medium of expression which turned out to be the most significant activity of my days.”

Abu Dhabi Art Art Abu Dhabi 2023 Dyala Nusseibeh
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