Foundry by EMAAR hosts Artworks of Morteza Darehbaghi | Photos

Artworks of Morteza Darehbaghi at Foundry Downtown Dubai Yesterday afternoon opened Morteza Darehbaghi’s exhibition at Foundry Downtown Dubai.

IranArt : “The Homecoming of Cypresses” is a solo show with works by Morteza Darehbaghi (2018 - 2023).

 This exhibition opened presence Khalil Abdulwahid (Artist and Visual Arts Manager at Dubai Culture) , Abdul Qader Al Rais (known emirates artist), Giuseppe Moscatello (Art producer , Co-founder foundry downtown ), Patricia Millns( Artist,Art advisor and mentor), Mohammed Ali ( founder of breathecreativityart ),Fariba Naderi (Iranian actress) , Sahar Nazari (ILIO founder ),Mehrdad Aghamiri (CEO at ILIO chocolate and chocolate maker) and many known characters of culture and art. Darehbaghi has exhibited collection of mixed media paintings, installations, video-installation at Foundry Downtown Dubai.

 Morteza Darehbaghi's artistic journey unfolds through three distinct forms: free, geometric, and pattern-based. The fusion of primitive motifs, rug patterns, and tile works within his pieces serves as a means to break free from geometric monotony, infusing beauty into the structured patterns. In his exploration of modern art, Darehbaghi seeks to liberate emotions from the constraints of patterns, transcending the dualities of beauty and ugliness. His works, particularly those found in Foundry, showcase the intertwining of these three aspects-free, geometric, and pattern-based-manifesting his intricate relationship with the surrounding world and the dynamic interplay between order and spontaneity.

 Interested can visit “The Homecoming of Cypresses” till 9th of February 2024 at Foundry Downtown Dubai ( Boulevard Crescent,Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard)

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