Pouran Jinchi and Kamran Samimi in The Third Line Dubai/ Photos

The Third Line hosts two solo exhibitions by Pouran Jinchi and Kamran Samimi

IranArt : The Third Line Gallery opened two solo exhibitions by Pouran Jinchi and Kamran Samimi. These exhibitions started on January 11 and will continue until February 16. Pouran Jinchi's works are exhibited in gallery number 1. Pouran Jinchi was inspired to embark on this new body of work, "Fly Like Dandelions", after reading an article titled Great Climate Migration in the New York Times. The article tells the story of Jorge A., a Guatemalan farmer forced to flee due to climate change's impact on agriculture. Jinchi's inspiration for this series stems from landscapes affected by climate change, such as ghost forests and arid lands. Pouran Jinchi (born 1959 in Mashhad, Iran) is an Iranian-American, New York-based artist. Gallery 2 also hosts works by Kamran Samimi. Kamran Samimi's first exhibition with The Third Line – Before Nature (I Am Both Created and Destroyed) – draws inspiration from the land's rich tapestry of natural materials. The exhibition delves deeply into the intricate interplay between age-old traditions and modern aspirations. The central theme revolves around the merging of diverse cultural narratives as the artist efforts to infuse life into the dormant stories woven into the landscapes he explores. Beyond capturing the tangible essence of natural materials, the exhibition connects viewers to the hidden forces that mold their existence. The third line gallery is located at warehouse 78 alserkal avenue.

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