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Sensation Art Gallery | Jeddah’s artists | Jeddah

Sensation Art Gallery with Jeddah’s artists; Jeddah itself is an art gallery

Sensation Art Gallery with Jeddah’s artists; Jeddah itself is an art gallery

DJ Viva and Ghena Al-Ghanimi, co-founders of the gallery, said their aim was to highlight Jeddah’s artists.

IranArt : Art met nature at an immersive experience hosted by Sensation Art Gallery in Jeddah.

The two-day exhibition showcased bespoke artwork accompanied by aerial shows and captivating music.

DJ Viva and Ghena Al-Ghanimi, co-founders of the gallery, said their aim was to highlight 

Jeddah’s artists. “We wanted to create something unique and sensational that touched all the senses,” said Viva.

“From the food and cocktails to the aerial acts and live art stations, every aspect was carefully curated to provide a 360-degree sensory experience.”

Expanding on the gallery’s ethos, Al-Ghanimi added: “We gather artists based on their experiences and personalities, not just to come here but to engage in discussions about each painting and have fun.

Sensation Art Gallery Jeddah

“Jeddah itself is an art gallery, and as Jeddah natives we feel compelled to bring about a sense of sensation. Our main goal is to expand artistic diversity in Jeddah, attracting an elite audience that truly appreciates and seeks unforgettable art experiences.

The event aimed to elevate the artists’ profiles by displaying their work in a luxury settingSensation Art Gallery Jeddah

Prince Ahmed bin Faisal shared his passion for creating unique faces in his own artwork. “I try to stand out and be different from everyone else. My style is mainly abstract, and I express myself through painting,” he said, encouraging young artists to follow their instincts rather than be influenced by others’ opinions.Another artist, Heba Ismail, uses her artwork to express personal experiences, including her divorce. Chess symbolism represents life as a game and portrays her journey, with her artwork reflecting a desire to live life to the fullest.

“For me, the colors represent the limitless possibilities ahead,” she explained, “Through vibrant colors and symbolic imagery, I strive to convey the complexities of life, relationships, and the power of personal growth.”

Sensation Art Gallery Jeddah

Speaking about the opportunity to present her work, she added: “Sensation Art Gallery has provided me with a platform to showcase my work and connect with a diverse audience, igniting conversations and sparking inspiration.”

Ismail said she was aiming high in the art world: “As the first Saudi artist to merge physical art with the world of NFTs, I am pushing boundaries and embracing the future of artistic expression. I aspire to be the future female Picasso, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring others to embrace their own creative journeys.”

Mosab Al-Ghanmi curated one of the event’s highlights by inviting Mahmut Enes Kemer, a calligrapher from Turkiye. Kemer exhibited his work on a canvas combining Arabic and Latin letters exclusively for the gallery. He also showcased his famous Turkish marble artwork.

شعور گالری Sensation جده | گالری شعور جده

Meanwhile, DJ Zero focused on music that both complemented the gallery and enhanced the guests’ sensory experience. “I aimed to create a musical atmosphere that resonated with the artwork and elevated the overall ambiance of the event,” he said.

A collaboration between Laham Lovers and Sensation Art Gallery meant attendees also enjoyed an exceptional dining experience. Sensation Art Gallery has plans to expand to other parts of the Kingdom, including AlUla.

Sensation Art Gallery Jeddah’s artists Jeddah
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