Honoring the winners of the 18th Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Foundation Award and displaying the treasury/photos

Amin Saleh, a Bahraini novelist; Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, a thinker; Hassan Talb, a poet; and Dr. Abdulsalam bin Abdulali (Humanities and Future Studies Award) are the four winners of the 18th edition of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation Award.

IranArt : The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation hosted a three-day festival to honor the distinguished winners of the 18th edition of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Award (2022-2023). This award serves as a showcase to honor intellectuals and artists from the Arab world. The main part of the event included the introduction and tribute to the four winners of the 18th edition of the Sultan Al Owais Award, along with a book signing ceremony by them. The winners were Amin Saleh, a Bahraini novelist, the esteemed thinker Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, prominent poet Hassan Talb, and Dr. Abdulsalam bin Abdulali (Humanities and Future Studies Award). The timeless tradition of immortalizing the winners through portrait creation continued in this edition as well, serving not only as a mark of respect but also as a testament to their enduring legacy in the cultural annals.

Beyond the celebration, the cultural approach of the Al Owais Foundation involves supporting artists and acquiring exquisite works, demonstrating a commitment to fostering creativity and preserving artistic heritage. The Al Owais Foundation in Dubai has long-term plans to create an atmosphere and establish an extensive art museum to enlighten art enthusiasts. Essentially, the Al Owais Cultural Foundation festival is not just a celebration of individual achievements but also a testimony to the enduring power of culture to inspire, enrich, and unite societies.

The three-day celebration began with an exhibition showcasing the foundation's treasure trove, featuring works by 62 prominent Emirati, Arab, and international artists. Some of these works have been housed in the Sultan Al Owais collection for nearly 40 years. The exhibition encompasses classical calligraphy to painting, featuring works by masters such as Abdulqadir Al Raeesi, Gholamhossein Amirkhani, Ali Shirazi, Esrafil Shirchi, Mohammad Al Qasab, Amir Falsafi, Vahid Jazayeri, Ehsan Al Khateeb, Ismail Fattah, Tagalsir Hassan, Hakim Ghannam, Hassan Abdulwan, Hossein Al Hashemi, Hossein Gaman, Hakim Ghazali, Dawood Bektash, Dina Nataq, Rahil Dabboub, Rababeh Pour, Salim Al Dabagh, Sami Makarem, Saeed Naghashian, Salman Al Hajri, Salman Al Marri, Salwa Lady, Sawas Gok, Salah Shirzad, Tala Molla, Aref Al Reis, Amer Al Obaidi, Ayesha Ekhamad, Abbas Al Baghdadi, Abdul Rahim Salim, Abdul Qadir Mubarak, Abdul Karim Al Sayed, Abdul Latif Al Samoudi, Osman Ozjay, Fath Al Mudarris, Farouk Al Haddad, Fatima Saeed, Fatima Mahand, Qasim Mohsen, Laden Moshir, Mahmoud Ahmad, Mohamat Ozjay, Mohammad Tousan, Mohammad Essa, Mohammad Fahmi, Mohammad Mundi, Masood Khedair, Moatasem Al Kubaisi, Mouza Abdullah, Nader Hassani, Najat Maki, Nazir Al Nabaa, Noori Hayabanan, Wajih Nahla, and Waheed Jazayeri.

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