A Summer Day Goes on Stage

TEHRAN.(Iranart) - Directed by Parsa Pirouzfar, new play A Summer Day has gone on stage in the Nazer Zadeh Kermani Theater until 17 August. Written by the celebrated Polish dramatist and cartoonist Sławomir Mrożek, A Summer Day is an abstract story of love. Pirouzfar also acts alongside Reza Behboudi and Sogol Qalatian. Sepideh Khosrojah, playwright and director, has translated the play into Persian. Pirouzfar, 45, has previously directed “At Sea”, another play by Mrożek. First published in 1983, A Summer Day tells the story of two rivals, who have unlike natures. One embodies naive hope in the face of constant failure and the other exhibits cynical ennui in the face of copious success. The two men first compete over whose life is the worst, then over the affections of a manipulative and narcissistic woman who interrupts their suicide attempts to become their mutual obsession. Mrożek, 1930-2013, is one of the prominent playwrights and satirists of Eastern Europe. His theatrical works belong to the genre of absurdist fiction, intended to shock the audience with non-realistic elements, political and historic references, and parody. He has published fourteen plays and ten short stories.

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