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Follow Me! Goes on Stage

Follow Me! Goes on Stage

TEHRAN. (Iranart) - Follow Me! A play written by Peter Shaffer, is scheduled to go on stage later this month by director Kourosh Soleimani.

The British play marks a new collaboration between the director and his main actors Vahid Aghapour, Masoud Mirtaheri, and Maryam Danandeh Fard.

It is the story of a wealthy businessman who doesn’t trust his wife. He hires a private detective to follow her. She becomes aware that she is being followed, and the detective realizes that she has found out. However rather than abandoning the case, the detective begins an elaborate game of cat and mouse with the complicity of the wife.

The play was scheduled to go on stage last month. He told Honaronline: “We had to postpone it for a month. We are still rehearsing. This month it will definitely go on stage, whose name we will reveal later.”

He goes on to explain that Peter Levin Shaffer (15 May 1926 – 6 June 2016) was an English playwright and screenwriter of numerous award-winning plays, several of which have been turned into films. Shaffer received the William Inge Award for Distinguished Achievement in the American Theatre in 1992. Two years later he was appointed Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Oxford University. Upon moving to Broadway, Amadeus won the 1981 Tony Award for Best Play. His screenplay adaptation of the play won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar as well as the Golden Globe Best Screenplay in 1984.

Soleimani says his play is about marriage and the reason he chose it for the stage is because it’s humorous and at the same time hopeful about family life. “The effort is to offer ways in which couples could sort out their differences and live happily ever after.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Soleimani said the play was written some 50 years ago but he didn’t try to contemporize it. “Instead, I took out some parts to adjust the rhythm.”

In conclusion, the director of he said the play brings into discussion different issues but the focus is only on contemporary viewers. “It’s a bright and happy play, but at the same time it should also help the audience to delve into him or herself.”


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