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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- ranian Artists Forum is playing host to a black comedy, a product of ‘Va-Nagahan’ theater group. ‘Even Lion’s Hide Can’t Contain Me’ (in Persian: Man dar Pouste Shiram Nemigonjam) is underway at Entezami Hall of IAF.

It is written and designed by prolific playwright and theater director Rouzbeh Hosseini who is the leader of the troupe. The play is about a mysterious roommate thought to be a republican poet. This misconception gives form to the drama.   Directed by group member Saba Azadi, the play opened August 27 and will run through September 4, starting at 7 pm, according to Tiwall. Cast members are Ali Reza Dorri, Farhad Tafreshi, Kia Shaqaqi, Meysam Ghanizadeh and Fatemeh Norouzi.


Va-Nagahan Even Lion’s Hide Can’t Contain Me
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