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Isfahan Hosts ‘Peace on Paper

Isfahan Hosts ‘Peace on Paper

the third phase of the second Biennale of Iran’s Contemporary Art titled ‘Peace on Paper’ opened on December 4 at Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan.

It features artworks by 150 artists from Iran, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Egypt, France, India, Australia, the US and the UK, ISNA reported.

Artworks include paintings, photographs, installations and video art highlighting peace. According to the curator of the exhibition Majid Abbasi Farahani, the current exhibit is a selection from over 200 artworks that participated in the second phase of the biennale, held in Abadan Museum of Contemporary Art in Abadan, Khuzestan Province from September 26-November 21.

The Isfahan edition will run through January 3. “All the featured artworks have paper as the common medium,” Abbasi Farahani said.

“The convergence of the participating artists’ represents a sort of peace by itself … The exhibit is critically pacifist. It seeks to create awareness about the unrealized agreements on (global) peace.”

Prominent Iranian artists Fereydoun Ave, Pariyoush Ganji, Shadi Ghadirian, Koorosh Shishegaran, Soheila Sokhavari and Hossein Zenderoudi are participating in the event.

The first phase of the biennale was held in July at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center.


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