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Summer Photo Exhibition and Sale in Mojdeh Art Gallery

Summer Photo Exhibition and Sale in Mojdeh Art Gallery

TEHRAN.(Iranart) -Mojdeh Art Gallery in Tehran has put a large collection of photographs for sale. The Summer Photo Sale opened August 24 and will run through August 31 at the gallery located at No. 27, East 18 Street, North Allameh Street, Sa’adatabad neighborhood.

Babak Haqqi, a cmember of Iran Photographers House and Theater Forum Photographers Association, is the curator of the photo sale. He has collected works from 78 photographers from four generations, Honaronline reported.

The event is an exhibition-cum-sale. Prices start from 3 million rials ($30) and rise up to a maximum of 20 million rials ($200).

There are photos that stand out among other works in terms of price, like one by late filmmaker and photographer Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016), which is tagged as 280 million rials ($2,800). The photo, which is the priciest in the collection, shows rain drops on a glass.

The other is a photo by contemporary photographer Shadi Ghadirian priced at 200 million rials ($2,000).

Visual artist and photographer Majid Koorang-Beheshti has a picture for 150 million rials ($1,500).

A work by self taught photographer Babak Kazemi, who lives in UK, is estimated at 80 million rials ($800), and a $700 photo by photographer and instructor Soroush Milanizadeh is also for sale.

“It took me four months to collect the photographs. I tried to include a variety of genres and subjects… Compared to similar events in the past, the photos have been priced lower so that people could affort it,” Haqqi said.

Interior space, still life, natural landscapes, traditional architecture and city life are among the subjects of the photos.

Haqqi has included some of his own photos. Some he procured from collectors and a number of photographers contributed to the collection in person. The art galleries of Atbin in Tehran and Emrouz in Isfahan have collaborated with Haqqi in collecting the photographs.

source: Financial Tribune

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