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Success of Iranian painter in Phillips Auction

Success of Iranian painter in Phillips Auction

TEHRAN, (HONARONLINE): a painting of an Iranian artist was sold at a price of £ 16,250 in Phillips' New Now Sale in London.

Phillips' New Now Sale was held in London on 8 December, featuring 244 works of painters such as Gerhard Richter, KAWS, Tracey Emin, Keith Haring, Sarah Lucas, Jim Shaw and Tom Wesselmann.


In this sale more than 80 percent of works were sold and Iranian artist Azadeh Razaghdoost's Dear Teo (from 'Letters' series) sold for £ 16,250.

Most expensive work was belonged to German artist Gerhard Richter (Grün Blau Rot 789-5) which was sold for £ 227,000.

Nowadays, Works of Azadeh Razaghdoost with title of "rule of poem" is being held by London Sophia Gallery including eleven works from the collections of "letters" and "Rose’s disease" will hold until February 10th 2016.




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