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Sculptor Qodratollah Aqeli’s new exhibit criticizes social behavior

Sculptor Qodratollah Aqeli’s new exhibit criticizes social behavior

“The Peculiarity of Creatures”, an exhibition of sculptures by Qodratollah Aqeli, has criticized the daily social behavior of people.

iranart :The exhibit, which opened in Tehran’s Sareban Gallery on Friday, showcases a collection of about twenty busts and sculptures.

“I usually pick one specific topic such as the environment or politics to focus on,” Aqeli said in a press release published on Sunday.

“This collection centers on social activities and some strange behavior of people. In the world of today there are some new definitions that seem strange and even some of the beautiful concepts we used to know have changed and gained new different meanings. 

“For example one of the sculptures hanging from the ceiling refers to the people who have stood strong in life despite being broken and upside down,” he explained.

“The contemporary art of today requires internal understanding and the proper reaction of the artist,” he remarked.

Aqeli also said that he believes part of the society has decided to spend on art and buy artworks, therefore an artist must create works that easily communicate with Iranian visitors.

The exhibit will be running until January 9 at the gallery located at No. 130, West Hoveyzeh St., North Sohrevardi St.


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