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14th Tehran Auction sells artworks worth $1.8m

14th Tehran Auction sells artworks worth $1.8m

TEHRAN –(Iranart)-The 14th Tehran Auction of Iranian artworks on Thursday earned 427.18 billion rials ($1.857 million).

The auction at Tehran’s Parsian Azadi Hotel saw 120 classic and modern artworks go on sale.

A work titled, ‘Counting Days and Nights, Every Day and Every Night,’ by Reza Derakhshani was sold for 52 billion rials ($226,087) to fetch the highest auction price in the 2021 round, IRNA reported.

Derakhshani’s work is a mixed media with fig leaves on canvas, diptych, with the overall size of 180×400 cm.

The artist also participated in the auction with another work titled, ‘Migration Gold,’ which sold for 11 billion rials ($47,527).

With 110 works, the 13th auction in Tehran sold 879.42 billion rials ($3.82 million). It was held online on January 15, 2021, after several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, in order for buyers to have the opportunity to see these works up close and be able to make a better decision in buying them, the exhibition of the works of this auction was held for three days in accordance with health protocols at Tehran’s Parsian Azadi Hotel.

The most expensive work of the 13th Tehran Auction was the double-sided painting, ‘Memories of Hope,’ by Aydin Aghdashloo, which was offered at a base price of 12 billion rials ($52,173) and sold for 125 billion rials ($553,478).


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