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Two Iranian galleries displaying artworks at US show

Two Iranian galleries displaying artworks at US show

TEHRAN –(Iranart)-Two Iranian galleries, Dastan and Saradipour Art Gallery, are showcasing artworks at the Presents Section of The Armory Show 2021 in New York City.

Dastan Gallery and Saradipour Art Gallery feature the works by Meqdad Lorpour and Moslem Khezri, respectively, according to

At the Presents Section, galleries founded within the past ten years present solo or dual-artist shows.

The 157 exhibitors at the Javits Center are divided into sections: The presentations in Focus, curated by Wassan al-Khudhairi, of the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, are more topical; Presents includes younger galleries; Solo is for single-artist presentations; and Galleries includes larger name

Source: Iran daily

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