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Erfan Abdolahzadeh, Erfan Abdolah zadeh

Erfan Abdolah zadeh: Art over oil

Erfan Abdolah zadeh: Art over oil

The neighboring governments need to believe that art is superior to oil.

Iran Art: Shayan Vahabzadeh : Erfan Abdollahzadeh, Art expert.

The Christie's and Sotheby's auctions, which were established in the years 1766 and 1744 respectively, cannot be compared to our aictions which have been active for only the past decade. Of course, misunderstandings and harsh judgements are not a surprise, especially in a region that for many years, art has held spiritual and paranatural meanings and commercialization hashas always been a foreign concept.

But there are no other options for an artist who simpy wishes to make a living but to always reaort to selling their art. Art is a market and Art graduates are always in need of relevent employment.

It is interesting to know that the Iranian elite and the educated society were well aware of the lucretive world of art auctions before they were officially held and at an early time, art sales took the place of internationaly known activities such as art investments. After this, the world of Art collections expanded to a point where people born after the 80s, became the leaders the business. They are dealing in works from classical Artists such as Mir-Emad, Mirza Gholamreza Esfehani, Kalhor and Ahmad Neyrizi to modern Artist such as Kamal-ol Molk, Momir Farmanfarmeiyan and Aydin Aghdashlou.

Recently, the business of art has proven itself as a lucretive field and the presence of banks and economic agencies, adds weight to this fact. Even if we consider the inactivity of Tehran, baran and other galleries, this newfound enthusiasm will find other places to express itself even if it has to travel beyond borders. It is advised that with patience and dedication, we use this decade long experience to better pave this road. Remarkable examples for positive government involvement regarding the market of art, includes the governments of UAE, China, Korea and even Turkey. If there are three Chinese Artists in the global top 10 list, if K-pop has taken over the world, if Turkey separated itself from the Middle East by launching Various expos, if Dubai became the Art capital of the region and if the Louvre launches a branch in the Middle East for the first time ever, it is because the respective governments invested in the required policies and resolutions regarding the world of art.

Erfan Abdolahzadeh

Based on what was said above, The Governments realized that art paves the economic road and with the right investments, they create opportunities for further development.

The governments of this region need to understand that art should be held above oil. Everyday the oil fields are drained and this "black gold" is being lost every second. The well of oil will eventually be completely drained but we are missing out on the real well.

The well of knowledge not only does not pollute the world, it adds to the beauty. The cost ratio between the material needed and the final product is inconceivably low and more importantly, this well can never be drained.


Erfan Abdolahzadeh Erfan Abdolah zadeh
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