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Art Market: A Suggestion Arash Rajabpour

Art Market: A Suggestion Arash Rajabpour

Art Market: A Suggestion Arash Rajabpour ، Doosi Home Founder

Iran ArtArash Rajabpour : The dramatic decline in the price of gold in 2008 shocked the global economic cartels, especially the banks, who were then obliged to decide what to base their money on to prevent a downturn.

Everyone learned about a stable market during those years, one whose graph occasionally has a slight or even a sharp upward slope, and if it has been steady for a while, one whose arrow never moves downward.

Due to the unique nuances, the market controlled by the investing world's elite is, in the general sense, not very involved, and naturally, the elites preserve it in order to uphold and steadily increase their wealth.

The art market has always been a shelter of safety.

Years later, during the dark and gloomy epidemic era that caused the globe to stop and flee, the art market revealed a new face and demonstrated its financial strength online as well.

The changing definitions of specific supply and demand in the art market, as well as its expansion into new areas like bitcoin, NFT, and the metaverse, point to the strategic breadth and endless potential of art economic issues.

This expanding trend is very well acknowledged in the Middle East, and the fact that there are now more galleries than movie theatres in the region speaks eloquently about its success.

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In addition to the growing art market, further efforts can be made in the field of applied art to increase its audience in light of the unique civilizational characteristics of the Middle East.

By the way, the culture of the Middle Eastern people has a long tradition of incorporating works of art into practical products, from urban furniture to interior design for homes and workplaces. This long-standing practice's modernization and reflection in modern accessories may pave the way for more art to be included into people's everyday lives.

The boundless variety and infinite layers of profit in art have made it the most well-liked industry on the planet.


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