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Abstracts Of Kemal Yazici At Bedia Gallery

Abstracts Of Kemal Yazici At Bedia Gallery

Bedia Gallery is the first Turkish gallery in Dubai .

Iranart:Azadeh jafarian: Kemal Yazici founder of gallery , he created Turkish German abstract artworks .

Yazici uses big canvases with bold and sharp color schemes & contrasting textures that Inspired by nature can the most efrct on viewer mind.

Kemal Yazici

Yazici born in turkey and raised in Germany, for this reason, Yazici’s artworks are Retrieved from the techniques of Gerhard  Richter. 

The artist mixes content and form together to create new unique artworks with himself signature.

All of his paintings familiar with audiences because viewers can find common worlds with his works.

Kemal Yazici

Kemal Yazici creates contemporary abstract art by utilising geometrical and organic elements. Yazici creates his masterpieces by overlapping layers, combining flowing textures and using bespoke tools to depict the vibrant dynamic world we live in. Bedia Gallery houses Kemal’s unique work as well as his art studio on the first floor.

Bedia Gallery, Warehouse 10, Al Khayat Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai, Tues to Sun 10am 7pm, Mon closed,


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