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The First Solo Exhibition Of Almaha Jaralla At Tabari Artspace Art Gallery

The First Solo Exhibition Of Almaha Jaralla At Tabari Artspace Art Gallery

These days Seham's AlmahaJaralla is being a guest at Tabari Artspace Art Gallery. Audience can travel with Almaha Jaralla's artwork. She induces you every thing she wants. Her artworks carry viewers to her world. In fact, Seham is interdisciplinary art. Roads, car, family, desert, kids playing and others are her work's subjects. Tabari

Iranart:Azadeh jafarian:Artspace is hosting her first solo exhibition.

Almaha Jaralla's mixed media works on canvas tried to show soft portraits with new explanations.


photography is always the starting point of her artistic process. She is studying the city through their imagery. Architectural signs are important thing on her work. Choice of gallery design and decoration are key to her environment shows her unique style of art.

Certainly Her camera always had ready for recording moments. She said about this collection: "I started from the fifties, continued the journey from both sides of my family, my mom's side, which is from Yemen, in my dad's side from Abu Dhabi, and continued the journey to Abu Dhabi, the place I grew up, and that's where the solo show ended. Now I'm trying to continue that journey by stepping through the eighties in Abu Dhabi. So it's like I'm trying to do a timeline here. I'm trying to continue taking that exhibition and elaborating on the story by focusing on my family in the eighties.


I'm studying the city through their imagery, and I'm also studying the family dynamic of the time, too. I named Seham after my aunt, a word which translates to 'arrows' I thought it was a very good name because the show is about exploring the city. It's about going on road trips and exploring this new city. Going to different locations and different beaches, different parks. Expect a very eighties vibe and a lot of pictures of family, it's a mix of textiles and canvases, a lot of the color red because she [Seham] used a Fuii camera that had a certain filter that created vivid red on all her photos. Seham has so many archives of all of us, you know, and that means that she always had her camera ready.

Tabari Artspace is in DIFC, DUBAI, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.




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