Reza Kazemi's Paintings on Iranian Tiles at Ava e Honar Art Gallery | Photos

The Iranian artist's imaginative tile panel is being shown in his sixth solo exhibition.

Iran Art: Reza Kazemi, a poet, writer, and artist who has developed a fresh perspective on Iranian tile work, has organized an exhibition titled "Color Frame" at Tehran's Ava e Honar Art Gallery. This arrives after four solo exhibits in Canada and another individual exhibition in Tehran.

Kazemi creates artistic decorative panels as well as engaging in calligraphy, painting, and Calligram work. His artwork has been displayed and acquired in a variety of countries, including America, Germany, France, Belgium, and England.

He employed the art of tiling to produce his tile panels. He does it by using tile-cuts from Iranian tiling, slightly altering the patterns and colors, and creating works in both tiny and large sizes that may be read in a multitude of ways.

The paintings that generate cracks, spills, and fractures, representing a specific texture of destruction and serving as a warning to destroy nostalgia and old past, reveal the artist's inquisitive and critical point of view.

The "Color Frame" show is on view until July 19 at the Ava e Honar Art Gallery, which is located at No. 1, Panahi alley, Bosnia and Herzegovina St., Fayyazi (Fereshteh) St.

The photos taken by Mitra Bahmani throughout the event can be seen below.


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