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Bonhams Middle East 2023 and sold works

Bonhams Middle East 2023 and sold works

At the time of writing, 15 of the 54 works have been sold and the total sale of this auction reached £26,176.

Iranart: According to Artdayme, Bonhams' Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art Sale Online, which started on September 4th at London's New Bond Street, ended on September 11th.

In this auction, 54 works of 36 well-known Middle Eastern artists were offered and at the time of writing, 15 of the 54 works have been sold.

The total sale of this auction reached £26,176.

In this auction, a work by Chant Avedissian, a 71-year-old Egyptian artist, was sold at a price of 6,400 pounds, setting the record for the most expensive auction work. Avedissian's work is a portrait of Faten Hamameh, an Egyptian film and television actress, which was executed in the dimensions of 45 x 65 cm around 2008.


A portrait of Egyptian actress Hind Rostom was another Chant Avedissian work that did not sell.

A work by Iranian artist Sadegh Tabrizi became the second most expensive painting at the auction. His untitled work sold for £4,160. Sadegh Tabrizi executed this work in the dimensions of 47 x 45 cm in the 1960s.


Two works by Egyptian artist Sabry Mansour and Iraqi artist Dia Azzawi sold for £3,840, making them the joint third most expensive works at the auction.


Mansour's work is called Rural Visions, which was executed in 1990, and Azzawi's work, titled Oriental Window, is a small painting of 27 x 26 cm from 1998.


The painting "Profile of a Man" by Egyptian artist Abdel Hadi El-Gazzar became the fifth most expensive work at auction. The work sold for £1,536.

Another painting by Dia Azzawi, Study for The Thousand and One Nights: The Story of Jullnar of the Sea and Her Son King Badr, sold for £1,088.


Other works sold in the auction were hammered below the £1,000 mark. Sunset Dreams by Hussein Madi sold for £832, Standing Bedouins by Saleh Al-Jumaie sold for £768, Face of a Man by Abdel Hadi El-Gazzar sold for £768, Untitled painting by Nabil Nahas sold for £704, Beirut – Cedars by Nizar Daher sold for £640, Hob by Samir Sayegh sold for £640, Thawra by Jamil Molaeb sold for £384, "Beirut City" by Missak Terzian's sold for £288 and Hiya by Samir Sayegh sold for £288. Pound sold.


At the time of writing, A work by Ahmed Moustafa, estimated at £20,000 to £40,000, and a work by Marcos Grigorian, estimated at between £15,000 and £25,000, two of the most expensive works, did not sell.

Five works by Shakir Hassan Al Said, three works by Dia Azzawi, three works by Seif Wanly, three works by Salah Taher, two works by Mohamed Abdalla Otaybi and two works by Mohammad Naghi were not sold.

Also works by Mahmoud Moussa, Salah Abdel Kerim, Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, Sayed El Kammash, Clea Bardaro, Mostafa Ahmed, Samir Rafi, Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Saleh Al-Jumaie, Yahya Yaghi, Maher Raief, Mona Saudi , Mohammad Muhraddin, Nasser Soumi, Hussein Shariffe, Effat Naghi and Shafic Abboud were not sold.

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