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When calligraphy sets to jewelry,clothes,decorations…

When calligraphy sets to jewelry,clothes,decorations…

The first Dubai Calligraphy Biennale is helping by Dubai Culture. This biennale showcases classic and contemporary types of calligraphy. Contemporary types have attracted a lot of attention.

Iranart: Azadeh Jafarian: some of theorists think calligraphy isn’t attractive for young generations due being contemporary art. 

Dubai Calligraphy Biennale  can change that theory. They have shown calligraphy as a applied art.

These days, calligraphy is used on clothes, jewelry, fabric, graphic items, sculptures and other ,it causes people exploring about old and classic calligraphy .  

Dubai Culture has held Dubai Calligraphy Biennale in DIFC ,Al Safa Art & Design Library and many private gallery. They chose that place correctly and can bring calligraphy Middle of common people to keep calligraphy alive and fresh. 



the 'Adorned by Calligraphy' showcase featuring 11 female designers and brands presenting 65 pieces that reflect the influence of calligraphy across fashion, design, textiles, jewellery and more, as part of the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale.

Nadine Kanso is one of the famous artists in Dubai Calligraphy Biennale . She makes jewelry by calligraphy signs . Her artworks showcase Middle East environment. Calligraphy is Inseparable items of her art . She mix gold (yellow or white) with diamonds countinue  dances the letters. User of this artworks has special style and personality. bil arabi is the name of her collection. 


Feryal albastaki is fashion designer. She is participant of Dubai Calligraphy Biennale. 

Artworks of her are hand made. Color is the main element of her work. She started her work when she was very young what distinguished Al Bastaki flyer among other brands is that she was the first to incorporate heritage and culture professionally in her designs. She prefers to create her own trends producing unique mixes of styles. Feryal al Bastaki is known for her exquisite Kaftans and Abayas. 


Marami jewelry is one of the another brand in this biennial. They mix modern and classic design together. Maybe they are a unique brand that use plexiglass. Marami jewelry writes calligraphy and design by diamonds. They made picture frames that can put on instead of Necklaces . In fact their designs are sculptures not just jewelry. 


Hessa and Fatma Ali Aljoker created Pearla brand. Pearla is Dubai based fashion brand. They paint instead of designing. Each piece holds a story. Pearla gets help conceptual art and abstracts eventually all of thoughts design in fabric and cloth. The main concept behind PEARLA brand is to introduce abstract and contemporary pieces that merge art, storytelling and a wide imagination with fashion.

'Adorned by Calligraphy' includes artworks of 11 female designers and brands bilarabi, Feryal_albastaki_fashion, Marami_Jewelry, hessaaljoker, shathaessaofficial, By_Areen, sandra_habr_wehbe, theojewelry, brx.fabrics, ebbarra, monogramuae pearladubai fatmaaljoker and ... .


They combine art like calligraphy,painting,sculpture, applied art together finally made new unique artworks that people can puton and show different faces and styles of themselves. 

Al Safa Art & Design Library is hosting this line of Dubai Calligraphy Biennale. Interested can visit till 31 October. 

Al Safa Art & Design Library is located on 564 Al Wasl Rd, Jumeirah - Jumeirah 3 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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