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Let's see nature again: Jamal Tayara Baroudy shows at Tashkeel Studio

Iranart: Nature is the mother of mankind and the world, and this mother is not doing well these days. Jamal Tayara Baroudy, in the different and special exhibition 'Ways of Seeing' at Tashkeel Studio, shows everyone that nature should be recognised, and appreciated. Even parts of nature that seem abnormal, such as wild and invasive plants, do not need to be suppressed. They can find a positive attitude and character with knowledge, changing our attitude and correct behavior.

Tashkeel has organized this exhibition in continuation of the educational and guidance path for better living, which accompanies the audience with plants and nature in the service of beauty and better life.

For the introduction of this exhibition at FN Designs gallery, the following text has been written on the wall: "This exhibition marks the completion of Jamal Tayara-Baroudy's journey on the Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme (CPP), mentored by Lesley Ann Gray and Dr Mohamed Abiad. 'Ways of Seeing' is an act of experimentation and learning from the natural world. It is an expression of how an invasive plant can be repositioned. Through the dissection of the ubiquitous yet invisible Calotropis Procera, the artist has mined its utility. Fibre is transformed into textile, seeds become dye, natural latex an organic binder. The exploration of the plant through varying scales and mediums mimics the experimentation in the laboratory that formed part of her research process. We are living in a world under environmental strain. While its widespread presence has led Calotropis Procera to be labeled invasive, the same is not used to describe the similar spread of people, goods and ideas.

In this exhibition, Jamal Tayara-Baroudy calls upon us to use the surrounding resources to sustain our environment, while showing that art offers opportunities to rethink how we see, use and interact with the world. Nature offers us so much, so long as we allow ourselves to be receptive to what it is telling us and see the possibilities that exist before our eyes. Launched in 2014, the Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme has provided 17 UAE-based artists with sustained studio support, training, critique and mentorship to enable them to challenge their practice through the research and production of a new body of work."

The exhibition runs until November 28, 2023 at FN Designs gallery owned by Tashkeel located on Alserkal Avenue, Dubai.

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