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ATHR Gallery presented 9 artists at Abu Dhabi Art 2023 | Photos

ATHR Gallery presented 9 artists at Abu Dhabi Art 2023 | Photos

ATHR gallery showed works by Ahaad Alamoudi, Sarah Abuabduallah, Mohmmad AFaraj, Rami Farook, Lulua AlYahya, Sultan Bin Fahad, Asma Bahamim, Dana Awartani, and Sara Abdu at Abu Dhabi Art 2023.

Iranart:Hamza Serafi & Mohammed Hafiz are founder Athr Gallery .

 Since 2009, Athr Gallery has enabled an artistic dialogue between contemporary artists across the world.

Since its inception in Jeddah in 2009, Athr Gallery has played a pivotal role in building the Contemporary art scene in Saudi; valuing experimentation and the exploration of new ideas, disseminating the artists’ role in the creative process and the impact they can have on societies. As a relentless supporter of young as well as established artists from Saudi Arabia and the Arab region, Athr has been providing a number of opportunities for furthering knowledge and experience within its multidisciplinary space in Jeddah and beyond, such as international residencies, special commissions, international group exhibitions, symposia, funding and more. Founded by Hamza Serafi­ and Mohammed Hafi­z, whose passion and network allow Athr to have a deeply engaged discourse in the local art scene, they have taken on the initiative of filling the absence of public art institutions, museums and art schools to establish a sustainable art scene open to the world all while having an international presence.



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