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Call for Registration - 2nd Vista Contemporary Art Prize

Call for Registration - 2nd Vista Contemporary Art Prize

TEHRAN (IRANART) - The registration is open for the second edition of Vista Contemporary Art Prize in 2018.

According to the organizers: The Iranian art has entered a new phase in which artistic feats are no longer appraised by the finished work or its theme. This has provided an opportunity for all forms of art to compete in an equal artistic environment. The art that stands out form the crowd is the one that has a fresh take, substance, and idea.

What the organizers of Vista Contemporary Art Prize look for in the upcoming competition for 2018 is fresh ideas that artists employ to design and finish a new work of art or project. Contemporary artists should be able to defend their proposals in a pioneering way. Their works should be contemporary, pioneer, and challenging in both form and content.

VCAP Mission:

1-Support and produce content in both theme and execution

2-Identify and introduce top, creative designs in contemporary art

3-Diplay works, publish books, provide media support and expert sessions

4-Pay attention to individual proposals, design finish, artist statement, executive plan, and budget

Jury Members:

Hamid Souri, Rozita Sharaf Jahan, Behrang Samadzadegan, Amir Ali Qasemi, Behnam Kamrani


Vista Prize and cash prize (30 million tomans that covers project design) for selected work

Deadline and Schedule:

Proposals and documents should be sent to the Secretariat between 23 September to 22 October, 2017.

21 November - Selected entries will be announced (shortlisted).

5 January to 15 January - Selected entries will be exhibited at Vista Gallery.

How to Submit Proposals:

1-Those willing to participate should submit via email their proposals to the Secretariat in Microsoft Word format and in 200 to 1000 words. This includes attaching copies of pictures in JPEG format as well as audio-visuals in mov. or avi. formats. The Secretariat’s email address is: Proposals cannot be delivered in person.

2-The participants should follow these rules and guidelines: Introduce and explain the idea, content and manifest of the work. Explain in details the way the project has been finished, including the schedule, budget, documents, resources, and audio-visual materials.

3-Download Registration Form at:

Requirements: 1-No age restrictions. 2-Group works and proposals accepted. 3-Maximum three proposals from each individual or group can take part in the competition.

4-CVs and previous works could help jury members make their decisions early. Send your previous works and experiences in a separate file.

5-The Secretariat of Vista Contemporary Art Prize reserves the right to publish or display all selected works in national and international exhibitions, mentioning auteurs’ names.

6-Selected entries shouldn’t have been showcased in previous exhibitions and cannot take part concurrently while the Vista Contemporary Art Prize is running.

7-Selected proposals shouldn’t have been presented or performed earlier in other events, or be part of a past project.

8-Proposals that do not follow or meet our rules and guidelines will be rejected. All applicants are required to carefully study the Registration Form before submitting any work via email.

Of the 150 project proposals submitted to the Secretariat, 7 will be judged, thoroughly discussed, and ultimately selected for the final competition.   

The first edition of Vista Contemporary Art Prize was held during a ceremony at Tehran’s Qasr Garden Museum on 28 February, 2017. The director of the gallery, Parisa Pahlavan, and a large number of artists attended the annual event. Morteza Arab Khazaeli grabbed the first top prize. Veteran cartoonist Kambiz Derambaksh also received a lifetime achievement award.


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