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TEHRAN.(Iranart)- Sedicicorto international film festival, Iranian cinema, and television actress Roya Teymouriyan especially appreciated.

In the 17th season of the Sedicicorto international film festival of Italy, in the women’s section, Roya Teymouriyan was appreciated on the stage of Iranfest.

This international festival is happening annually in Foreli City, and this year  Roya Teymouriyan received a special badge of Sedicicorto festival.

While she has mostly acted in plays, her performance in the movie 'Rain Man (Barani)' (1999) saw her nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at both the International Fajr Film Festival and the Iran Cinema Celebration Awards. In 2002, she won a Golden Statuette at the Iran Cinema Celebration Awards for 'Women’s Prison' (2000).

In 2003, she was nominated for 'Poisonous Mushroom' (2001) and 'Tick' (2001) at the Iran Cinema Celebration Awards. In 2006, she was nominated for a Cinema

Roya Teymourian graduated in Theater Acting and Directing from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University. She went on to receive a Ph.D. in Art.

She began acting on television with the drama series 'Rana' (1988-1990) and in 1994 she appeared in the film 'Yearning to See You'.


Sedicicorto International Film Festival Roya Teymouriyan
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