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Center offering Iranian cultural products opens in Beijing

Center offering Iranian cultural products opens in Beijing

A center offering art and cultural products from Iran opened in the Chinese capital of Beijing on Monday.

The center, which has been established by an Iranian businessman named Arastu Purheidar, sells Persian carpets, rugs, hand-woven textiles, handicrafts, historical books, films and halal foods, the Persian service of IRNA reported.

“This center provides the Chinese people in Beijing with an easy access to Iranian cultural products from carpets and other handicrafts to a variety of cultural services,” Purheidar said during the opening ceremony of the center.

A number Iranian diplomats and Chinese officials also attended the ceremony.

“The establishment of the center will help to expand cultural relations between Iran and China,” Iran’s consul general, Mohammad-Ebrahim Allahdad said in a brief speech.

Iran’s commercial attaché, Reza Seyyed-Aqazadeh, also said that the center will help Chinese people to raise their knowledge about Iran.



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