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All Rostam Stories in One Book

All Rostam Stories in One Book

the book ‘Rostam-e-Dastaan: Tales from Shahnameh’, released by Iran-e-Azad Cultural Publishing Institute earlier this year, includes all the stories related to Rostam, the most celebrated legendary hero in the 10th century Persian poet Ferdowsi’s long epic poem ‘Shahnameh’ (Book of Kings).

The book is written by Kourosh Salehi who has narrated the story of Rostam from birth to death in simple language appropriate for today’s readers. “I have tried to render all of the Shahnameh tales including Rostam in prose so that the reader can better understand the historic text while adhering to the original,” he told ISNA.

Rostam was son of Zal and Rudabeh. In the Shahnameh, Rostam and his predecessors are border guards of Sistan region (present-day Iran and Afghanistan).

He is best known for his tragic fight with Esfandiar, another Persian legendary hero, for his mournful fight with his son, Sohrab, who was killed in the battle, and his heroic journey to save his king Kaykavus, who is captured by demons. This journey is called ‘Rostam’s Seven Quests’ or in Persian ‘Haft Khan-e Rostam’. He was eventually killed by Shaghad, his half-brother.

It took Salehi two years to finish the 360-page book and it is now available in the market.

Salehi, 45, has written over 30 books in the field of Persian literature and history of Iran, 20 of which have been published. The rest are expected to be  released soon.


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