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when is discussed about smuggle, all minds are focused on digital goods, household appliance, etc. but for a long time this dilemma has been faced to book bazar.

Yousef Alikhani writer and manager of Ammut publication said: In Iran we have about 1000 active bookshops. Until a new book is publishing some of them get a book with firm and trembling or even sometimes buy one copy of it. Why still a bestselling book is remain, it’s simple. The reason of it, is Smuggle.
Hadi Hassein Zadegan director of Hilla publication and Ghoghnous book distributor about this told: illicit has always been. In different years this problem has been considered in various types but never had today intensity.
Nowadays, when we say illicit, it means a book that has justification and is being published and distributed by legal publisher, obviously is printed and distributed by another one.


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