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Book on painter Koorosh Shishegaran published in London

Book on painter Koorosh Shishegaran published in London

TEHRAN, (IRANART)- A book providing a profound insight into the life and career of Iranian painter Koorosh Shishegaran has been published by Saqi Books in London.

The book entitled “Koorosh Shishegaran: The Art of Altruism” has been edited by Hamid Keshmirshekan, with Hamid Dabashi also contributing to the project.

Articles by art expert Alireza Sami-Azar, professor of Art History at California State University Abbas Daneshvari, and curator and novelist David Galloway have been included in the first part of the book.

The second part showcases various artistic phases of the artist and outlines his progressive approach to art-making and distribution.

Born in Qazvin in 1944, Shishegaran is considered one of the most expressive and emotive artists of the contemporary Iranian art movement.

In a career spanning six decades, he has established himself as an artist of great discipline, social awareness and manual skill, working in a wide array of different media, from graphic design to painting, photography and furniture design.

Drawing inspiration from Iranian visual culture, Shishegaran is best known for his scribble line abstract paintings. These dynamic colorful lines, depicting the contemporary human condition, have enabled the artist to find a style and language expressive of the modern era.

Source: Tehran Times


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