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A story by Iranian children’s writer Parisa Shams about the impacts of wars on children’s lives has recently been published.

Iranart: The book entitled “A Sad Snail Who Didn’t Have a Shell” is from the series “Blue Children” that is published by the Blue Bird Publishing House for children with special needs.

The book tells the story of a little snail who is forced to migrate as a result of the war.

In this book, Shams illustrates how children’s dreams for the future fade in the wake of wars and how humanitarian aid and support can help heal the wounds of the wars. 

An introduction published on the back cover of the book reads, “People’s life is colorful like a rainbow; Sometimes is white, sometimes is green, sometimes red, sometimes violet or indigo. It is amazing that our life is in these colors, however, we’d be better off to always be in blue; blue like the sky, which always remains blue with all the white and dark clouds so that the birds who love it and it loves them can hold their hope for flying. Just like the blue children who with all their problems are never disappointed and give up.”

The series “Blue Children” contains three other books all written by Shams with illustrations by Zahra Keiqobadi.

“A Little Cockroach Who Loved to Fly” and “The Little Doll Vendor Kangaroo” are other parts of the series. In the final part, Shams plans to focus on a sorcerer crow.

The Blue Bird Publishing House is the Elmi Farhangi Publishing Company’s branch specializing in children’s books. 

Persian translations of numerous children’s books from the world’s literature have been published by the publishing house.

“Jonathan & Martha” by Petr Horacek and “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney are the latest examples.

source: Tehran Times

Parisa Shams
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