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A Good End/by Maryam delavar

A Good End/by Maryam delavar

Modern-day parents express dissatisfaction about the fact that their children spend an awful lot of time with mobile phones, digital games and on virtual spaces. Let's get something straight people! We are the ones who brought this about; At least for two reasons. One, is that we make up excuses on why we don't spend a lot of time with our children.

Iranart:by maryam delavar,phD: Many parents don't mind their children being occupied elsewhere, so that they can get some work done! Second, sometimes both parents are so immersed in their digital world of mobile phones and social spaces, that criticism on children is essentially not valid.

1- Now that we are approaching the last days of the year 1401, I invite you to employ sound educational principles in "spending time with family", even if it is for a few days.  Let's plan for new year's holidays right now and take advantage of this opportunity for an uplift in the family spirit.

2-Do not forget that our children become what we are, not what we want. A good and memorable vacation is not just about traveling, a passive entertainment and a waste of time. This happiness can be elevated with a thorough plan and a hint of commitment. Vacations are great opportunities to experience the "good sense of learning", but I don't mean lessons and assignments; Let's learn more about the joy of being together and the joy of doing the little things right.

Maryam delavar

If we have common grounds, let's pay attention to the following 10 points:

1. Introduce some simple rules for holidays in a meeting with family members; For example, the rule of using mobile phones in limited and specified times, or setting a specific time daily for a family conversation.

 2. Don't limit new year's well-wishes to merely texting and sending pictures of flowers to everyone. Try to at least calling family members and close acquaintances and tell them that you would like to hear their voice. Children learn to communicate with others from you.

3. If you prefer text messages, instead of imitation and copied text messages, ask your children to accompany you in designing personal and innovative text messages if possible.

 Reminder: Paragraphs 2 and 3 are carried out according to the specific family rules and at the mentioned limited time of exposure to the digital world discussed in the first paragraph!

4. Design family and group games. You may need to use readily available packaged games. It is a great idea to have "game days" or "game nights" so that variety is observed. If you plan things or decide on a game yourself on the first couple of days, use your children's ideas for the rest of the days.

5. Have a number of entertaining stories, jokes, poems and proverbs for holidays. When making the choices, keep your spouse's and the children's preferences in mind.

6. It is a great idea to start a group reading.  There are various ways to do this. Choose a book (preferably fiction) and assign someone (your child, foe instance) to read a few pages from it each day, or choose a few books and share them with the family members. Everyone is assigned to their own book and is to summerise it for others.  You might also consider other reading ideas or activities.

7. Perform a drama together, again in different ways; ranging from pantomime to more elaborate performances like running small shows and even pranks! It is important that these moments are accompanied by happiness. You can tell if your child is having fun when they are actively participating 

Maryam delavar

8. If possible, work out a plan for each day and have an idea of how you're spending each day. It is suggested that the time of sleeping and waking up is specified in the plan. Family is the stepping stone for discipline or lack of it in children.

9. If your child is interested, dedicate opportunities for a little "more serious" learning. You don't necessarily have to teach your child something or practice their lessons with them.  Your child may teach you something, which means this opportunity for learning is a two-way street. Find out if you can be a "learner" family.

10. What other innovative and special holiday ideas can you come up with? There is an opportunity now; The important thing is that you want to have a carefully thought-out, fruitful and happy vacation. Refer to other books and resources. Fathers and mothers display committment to their children's education by employing such strategies.

 "Education" is the right use of opportunities and thoughtful behavior in all situations of life. In education, while we respect children and adolescents' freedom of action, as mothers and fathers, we have the duty to provide a rich environment and a host of opportunities for learning activities and new experiences.

I trust that you will have "a good ending" by engaging in simple and effective activities with your children. On behalf of myself and my colleagues, I'd like to extend my warmest wishes in the beginning of the year 1402, to Nikoo's enormous family and people all around my beautiful country, and hope for a wonderful Norouz and a happy new year.



Maryam Delavar Nikoo international school
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